The ultimate utilitarian household feature

Kitchen and bathroom countertops represent a central design element of the rooms they occupy. Practical and aesthetic concerns weigh equally in the choice of materials and color.

Choices range from the natural beauty of marble and granite to meticulously crafted concrete to custom fabricated glass countertops.

Seemingly endless possibilities

We feature a variety of natural stone slabs from some of the finest producers in the world. Our large selection of granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, quartzite and slate slabs are available for your inspections at our warehouse facility. We also carry specialty countertop surfaces such as engineered stone slabs that are heat, stain and scratch resistant and do not need to be sealed. We also have terrazzo slabs that contain recycled glass and semi precious stone and glass countertops that are custom fabricated for your application. Countertops are everything but ordinary at Stone Source. Allow our images to stimulate your imagination.

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